Isaria's new body
As expected she is not too happy about it.....

-Thin? I got thin? Where are my muscles? My waste looks like a ring! 

-At least your hair match your eyes now….

My implacable elvish friend added probably in an attempt to consolidate me.

-At least my armour still fits! 

Truth is I could not get angry at her. After all she resurrected me before that madman managed to turn me into an undead monster. Given the situation loosing some muscle is not that bad. My hair are indeed much longer and ashy purple in colour, my face is much paler almost white (does not even look alive to me), my skin  and my voice are much too soft. I look more like a ghost than a warrior! More than anything else my scares are gone! The proof of my hard work my sacrifice my pain! All gone. 

-Believe it or not you look… prettier.  

I swear to Nadir herself !! I would strike her unconscious! Even if I spend my whole life outside the temple I will never understand those people! On the other hand we still have to move the corpse of a grown man in full armor through a cemetery with 4 undead wondering around, adding a second body would not be too smart of a think to do. In my sadness I could only answer:

-You might be right. Yet when was I ever interested in beauty? This body was the last proof of my heritage. Now I don't even exist.

We stayed silent for the rest of the way to old Fiona's house. It is time for the 3 rs to relax, resurect and re-group.

Constable Gremin's Journal

About a month ago…

I spoke to Jean today. The business is doing well. He mentioned that Marcel had come across Pierre's journal. He seems to be obsessing over its contents as usual.

Three weeks ago…

Shaman Brucan came to me in a distraught state. Marcel has been killed in a terrible accident. Jean is beside himself with grief and Luc seems to be in a state of shock.

Shaman Brucan is deeply disturbed, not only by the death of one of the leaders of our community, but by his own failure to bring him back from the dead. He fears that a shadow has fallen over Marais de Tarascon.

Over the last few weeks…

I have had a strange and disturbing report from Billman. He says that Hogarth, fell down dead right in front of him! But a few minutes later, he got up and started biting and scratching everyone around! The field workers overpowered him and took him to Shaman Brucan, who later pronounced him dead. The funeral is tomorrow.

Another disturbing occurrence: Lady Grissim has gone missing! Old Fiora says she saw her at dusk, walking in front of the cemetary.

The journal describes a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances. In total nine people have died and six have gone missing. Constable Gremin records the result of his investigations.

The third disappearance this week: Samwin Pokov has vanished. I searched near his house and found bloodstains against the wall. Lying on the ground was a piece of red licorice. No sign of a body or a murder weapon.

The last few days…

Some strangers have come in from the swamp. They are dressed strangely and one of them has pointed ears like a devil. I fear they may have come from the outer realm and could be linked to the misfortunes which have fallen on us.


Yet another disappearance: Katha has vanished, just like the others leaving only bloodstains and a piece of licorice. I saw the strangers near the scene of the crime. I heard from Louise that they were in her shop buying licorice. I will tell Ben to keep an eye on them.


Jean has not been seen since the strangers showed up in town. I wonder if they are responsible.

I knew those strangers were up to no good! Sallie has just rushed in and said they are climbing out of Jean's window! I have sent the men to catch them and I am on my way there right now…

The Story So Far

A stream of hardy (some say foolhardy) adventurers travelled to the edge of civilisation in search of gold and glory. There they based themselves in the last outpost of the Realm before the Wilderlands of Chaos, the Keep on the Borderlands.

Many adventures were had and much treasure was looted. Not a few adventurers met their end at the hands of the monsters and diabolical traps in the Caves of Chaos, Fellgrim Forest and the Caves of the Unknown underneath the lonely tower.

On Solstice Eve, a strange flying iceberg passed over the Keep, and the Tontuu—evil gnome-like creatures—stole down at night to kidnap the souls of children, to feed their terrible master, the Old God, who had woken from centuries of slumber. In a terrible battle within the berg, the ancient god was blasted with a fireball, and the flying rock began to break apart. By magic and with some luck the party jumped to into the Black Mire beneath as the rock crashed down, creating a huge furrow in the swamp.

As everyone trudged through the swamp to check if their companions were still alive, a cold mist began to descend…


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