The Story So Far

A stream of hardy (some say foolhardy) adventurers travelled to the edge of civilisation in search of gold and glory. There they based themselves in the last outpost of the Realm before the Wilderlands of Chaos, the Keep on the Borderlands.

Many adventures were had and much treasure was looted. Not a few adventurers met their end at the hands of the monsters and diabolical traps in the Caves of Chaos, Fellgrim Forest and the Caves of the Unknown underneath the lonely tower.

On Solstice Eve, a strange flying iceberg passed over the Keep, and the Tontuu—evil gnome-like creatures—stole down at night to kidnap the souls of children, to feed their terrible master, the Old God, who had woken from centuries of slumber. In a terrible battle within the berg, the ancient god was blasted with a fireball, and the flying rock began to break apart. By magic and with some luck the party jumped to into the Black Mire beneath as the rock crashed down, creating a huge furrow in the swamp.

As everyone trudged through the swamp to check if their companions were still alive, a cold mist began to descend…



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